Dan Lyle – Business Manager

Dan is a journeyman welder, certified B-pressure welder and has held a CWB Welding Inspector certificate. Dan has a business degree and joined Hamilton Iron as an owner in 2012. He previously owned a welding business providing site welding to major oilfield projects in northern Alberta. You can contact Dan at

Dustin Bennett – Project Manager

Dustin has been with Hamilton Iron since 2004. He is a journeyman welder; certified CWB welder as well as a CWB certified Welding Supervisor, monitoring welding procedures and quality within our production facility. You can contact Dusting at

Nathan Loewen – Site Supervisor

Nathan is a journeyman welder and is responsible for managing all of our site crews and ensuring quality and efficiency is being maintained. He is also a CWB certified welder and CWB certified Welding Supervisor. You can contact Nathan at